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Blues Lotto results 31/12/2021


Mr PR Bland Kendal 22975

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 1st January Raymond Bristo Wigton 878
Sunday 2nd January Mrs D Robinson Cargo 629
Monday 3rd January Mrs J Oxley Cargo 22891
Tuesday 4th January Mrs D Plimmer Carlisle 533
Wednesday 5th January Dan King Carlisle 23927
Thursday 6th January Christopher Scott Houghton 23121
Friday 7th January Sandra Steadman Brough 2808

£10.00 Prizes

Dr K Walker Kent 22374
J Nixon Carlisle 22001
Mrs M Donnelly Brampton 3413
David Kidd Carlisle 1409
Roderick Adams Carlisle 2189

£5.00 Prizes

Rosemary Routledge Carlisle 1549
Mr A Warwick Longtown 23343
Monica Hanley Abbeytown 5353
Myra Jardine Gretna 23861
Mr P Davidson Carlisle 3328
Nr M Walker Carlisle 446
Mrs A Crawford Annan 2287
Mrs M Robinson Carlisle 4239
Mark Eilbeck Carlisle 22684
Margaret Hunter Carlisle 682
Mr PR Bland Kendal 22975


N9088 not won Next weeks prize £650