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Blues Lotto results 03/12/2021

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 4th December Mrs H Farish Houghton 995
Sunday 5th December Mrs H Craig Annan 22558
Monday 6th December Mr B Longstaff Rockcliffe 22089
Tuesday 7th December Elaine Smith Carlisle 2133
Wednesday 8th December Christine Peet Winskill 2212
Thursday 9th December Derek Jackson Carlisle 1319
Friday 10th December K McGeorge Carlisle 23617

£10.00 Prizes

Christine Peet Winskill 2213
Mrs L Fiddler Carlisle 786
Mr J Sanderson Keswick 22836
Mrs J Reay Carlisle 22471
Kevin Miller Carlisle 2320

£5.00 Prizes

Anthony Campbell Carlisle 4336
Mr Davies Penrith 2332
Neil McDermott Carlisle 504
Mrs J Idle Shap 23441
G Fleming Carlisle 5498
Mrs S Dodd Kirkby Stephen 755
Joanne Collins Carlisle 2764
D Sim Silloth 1605
David Robley Cumwhitton 22665
David Croxford Crawley 583


P4593 not won. Next weeks prize £550