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Blues Lotto results 26/11/2021

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 27th November Alan Steel Cumwhinton 4433
Sunday 28th November David Anderson Shap 4604
Monday 29th November Mrs J Houghton Keswick 601
Tuesday 30th November Mrs V Sant Thursby 22261
Wednesday 1st December Heather Thomson Carlisle 168
Thursday 2nd December Mr I Barlow Longtown 1696
Friday 3rd December Jan Beattie Carlisle 22658

£10.00 Prizes

Mrs Hunter Little Corby 2259
J Frame Penrith 4048
Janice Daines Brampton 22785
Mr M Neesham Workington 22575
Peter Wall Carlisle 4126

£5.00 Prizes

James Brown Currock 2156
Robert Brooksby Penrith 22086
Kenneth Davidson Carlisle 22646
Mrs V Fell Carlisle 2120
Mrs B Weston Carlisle 22896
Mr P Davidson Carlisle 4454
E Edwards Kirkby Thore 5316
Mr M Dixon Carlisle 22890
Mrs H Davis Keswick 1708
Colin Carruthers Wigton 1243


V8822 Not won. Next weeks prize £525