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Blues Lotto results 22/10/2021

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 23rd October Mrs M Bragg Silloth 3253
Sunday 24th October Alan Bragg Wigton 2512
Monday 25th October Richard Watson Hayton 1250
Tuesday 26th October Richard Reid Lazonby 3335
Wednesday 27th October Mr Davies Penrith 2332
Thursday 28th October David Lightburn Shap 1153
Friday 29th October Gordon Moffat Wigton 1922

£10.00 Prizes

Mrs M Deans Cummersdale 23725
Mr D Richardson Carlisle 22013
Mrs J Reay Carlisle 22471
Mrs S Steakman Wigton 69
Dougie Lahey Carlisle 3103

£5.00 Prizes

Susan Alderson Appleby 4481
Mrs M Carr Carlisle 22485
Helen Holiday Eastriggs 3151
Mrs O Hobbs Carlisle 22934
L Ziemba Carlisle 735
Mr C Steadman Kirkby Stephen 22119
Mrs G Hodgson Penrith 22508
Mrs M Lawson Carlisle 1986
Adrian Bell Carlisle 1119
RH Jones Wetheral 2159


G2453 not won. Next weeks prize £400