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Blues Lotto results 15/10/2021

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 16th October Bruce Vander Surrey 2200
Sunday 17th October Mrs J Sessford Carlisle 2918
Monday 18th October Carol Cartner Longtown 2051
Tuesday 19th October Miss S Bell Carlisle 22386
Wednesday 20th October Anthony Campbell Carlisle 4337
Thursday 21st October Mrs M Maughan Wigton 22565
Friday 22nd October WJ Priddle Carlisle 23798

£10.00 Prizes

Nigel McHard Maryport 237
Mrs B Hall Hunsonby 3482
Mrs T Sharp Whitehaven 981
Steven Cullen Carlisle 23737
RH Jones Wetheral 2159

£5.00 Prizes

Robert Brooksby Penrith 22086
Laura Burrell Carlisle 1835
E Harrison Carlisle 23304
Shirley Watson Carlisle 22988
Mr G Richardson Ousby 22813
David Croxford Crawley 583
Mr J Wallace Whitehaven 2299
Mrs K Vevers Dalston 270
Mr JP Simpson Brampton 5534
Jan Dobson Wigton 849


K6227 not won. Next weeks prize £375