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Blues Lotto results 27/08/2021

£1000 Bonus Draw

John Thompson Penrith 4728

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 28th August Christine Peet Winskill 2213
Sunday 29th August John Teasdale Carlisle 22302
Monday 30th August Ian Bone Lincoln 22634
Tuesday 31st August A Rutherford Carlisle 23645
Wednesday 1st September Bruce Chalmers Penrith 22132
Thursday 2nd September Ian Harker Carlisle 859
Friday 3rd September Mrs M Irwin Carlisle 4162

£10.00 Prizes

David Brown Surrey 22212
Andrew Newton Carlisle 5376
Mr A Kindness Annan 2107
Mr J Bulman Carlisle 339
Mrs E English Longtown 407

£5.00 Prizes

Margery Simpson Carlisle 2546
Mr K White Appleby 408
Mrs C Bell Carlisle 5662
Nr K Kirkby Carlisle 2261
Mr May Rockcliffe 4160
Miss N Thompson Carlisle 22582
Holliday Kirkoswald 872
Yvonne Thompson Carlisle 1649
Mr I Gilby Brough 2799
Barry McNeil Penrith 4722


O1302 not won. Next weeks prize £625

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