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Blues Lotto results 30/07/2021

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 31st July Mrs L Gorman Carlisle 22413
Sunday 1st August Ian Holmes Carlisle 22030
Monday 2nd August Craig Williamson Houghton 1382
Tuesday 3rd August Christine Peet Penrith 2213
Wednesday 4th August Paul Lace Beckermet 140
Thursday 5th August Mrs K Telford Whitehaven 454
Friday 6th August Carol Carr Carlisle 1280

£10.00 Prizes

Mrs Y Lawson Warwick Bridge 1831
DJ Plunkett Carlisle 2439
Miss C Foster Brampton 5572
Harold Bowron Carlisle 105
Mrs P Cockton Carlisle 1874

£5.00 Prizes

Sheila Cain Brampton 3377
Mrs L Thorpe Carlisle 766
Mrs H Rogerson Penrith 701
M Carr Silloth 3255
Mrs J Hodgson Carlisle 22120
Mrs J Graham Longtown 23529
Alison Birkett Wigton 3912
Sarah Landreth Carlisle 2240
Philip Burley Carlisle 22230
CUSCLB London 2497


W3678 not won. Next weeks prize £525

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