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Blues Lotto results 18/06/2021

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 19th June Mr C Coulthard Carlisle 4165
Sunday 20th June Mr A Kelly Penrith 22750
Monday 21st June Mr D McCormick Burnrigg 22524
Tuesday 22nd June Mrs D Jameson Penrith 1029
Wednesday 23rd June Headquarterz Carlisle 5967
Thursday 24th June Mrs I Wilson Carlisle 23329
Friday 25th June Mrs D Pearson Carlisle 3075

£10.00 Prizes

WG Dixon Carlisle 1992
Mrs M Snowden Lockerbie 1913
Mr J Nunn Carlisle 1439
Mr D Clifford Great Salkeld 23041
Mrs Robinson Houghton 3063

£5.00 Prizes

Mrs A Logan Abbeytown 23349
Edward Simpson Anthorn 22987
Mr Pagan Carlisle 2584
CD Stamper Carlisle 3327
Mrs E English Longtown 407
Mr S Harrison Wigton 68
Miss A Moscrop Carlisle 22936
T Heenan Carlisle 5210
Mrs A Fisher Scotby 23880
Michael Fontana Carlisle 2443


U2847 not won. Next weeks prize £375

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