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Blues Lotto results 11/06/2021

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 12th June Barbara Askew Appleby 4587
Sunday 13th June Marie Ferguson Brampton 3599
Monday 14th June John Duncombe Nottinghamshire 131
Tuesday 15th June Mrs S Benson Wigton 416
Wednesday 16th June Mrs J Kerswell Rowrah 23974
Thursday 17th June Mr I Pooley Carlisle 1434
Friday 18th June Keren Steadman Brough 393

£10.00 Prizes

Mr M Nugent Carlisle 23156
Ian Taylor Carlisle 4019
Mrs M Mooney Cargo 22076
BR Adams Longtown 2180
Kevin Hughes Longtown 23895

£5.00 Prizes

Mrs S Donald Kirkby Stephen 755
Vic Lynn Carlisle 23386
Jill Williamson Abbeytown 1627
Joe Gordon Carlisle 1469
Mrs H Marshall Eastriggs 658
D Sim Silloth 1605
Ian Harker Carlisle 859
Michael Keddy Carlisle 22265
Adrian Johnston Portsmouth 22445
Mrs J Duncan Carlisle 2628


V3092 not won. Next weeks prize £350

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