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Blues Lotto results 21/05/2021

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 22nd May Mr M Ford Carlisle 23989
Sunday 23rd May Mr C Postlethwaite Kendal 2535
Monday 24th May Andrew Watson Carlisle 3378
Tuesday 25th May Phil Mallinson Carlisle 22655
Wednesday 26th May Miss A Moscrop Carlisle 22936
Thursday 27th May Mrs E Ewbank Appleby 771
Friday 28th May Mrs L Kosturczak Longtown 22544

£10.00 Prizes

Allan Bowe Wigton 8
Peter Cannon Carlisle 1278
Mr WG Atkinson Brough 2289
James Shankland Carlisle 5024
John Wills Bassethwaite 250

£5.00 Prizes

David Blaylock Carlisle 5435
Mrs A Armstrong Aspatria 23716
Robin McCormick Carlisle 1449
Mrs M Maughan Wigton 22569
Mr A Leek Lazonby 2797
Muriel Kemp Carlisle 2193
Mrs MG Fisher Fletchertown 23652
Tim Wordsworth Brampton 5521
Mr B Kirkup Longtown 23447
Mr J Wallace Whitehaven 2299


X8814 not won. Next weeks prize £275

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