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Blues Lotto results 23/04/2021

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 24th April Mr J Long Carlisle 23742
Sunday 25th April Mrs J Garbutt Carlisle 22389
Monday 26th April E Harrison Carlisle 23304
Tuesday 27th April Mrs C Scott Carlisle 4962
Wednesday 28th April Derrick Huddart Workington 22064
Thursday 29th April Mark Lancaster Appleby 1782
Friday 30th April Derrick Thomlinson Carlisle 22175

£10.00 Prizes

Christine Irving Plumpton 555
Mr M Fawkes Carlisle 2857
Martin Cowin Brough 3748
Kenneth Davidson Carlisle 22646
T Stewart Carlisle 22044

£5.00 Prizes

Lee Kenny Wigton 22043
Nigel Dickinson Houghton 1517
Christopher Pavey Middlesex 22346
Steven Pattison Carlisle 22365
Mr Kirkbride Carlisle 5663
Mrs S Kirkpatrick Warwick Bridge 1822
Mrs J Watt Lazonby 2796
Mr P Potter Allonby 23718
John Mavis Thursby 1023
Mrs K Veitch Carlisle 22084


V8576 Not won. Next weeks prize £850

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