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Blues Lotto results 16/04/2021

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 17th April Mrs D Hoyle Penrith 22259
Sunday 18th April Mrs D Pearson Carlisle 3075
Monday 19th April Stuart Sharp Sunderland 23280
Tuesday 20th April Michael Gilby Steadman Brough 1082
Wednesday 21st April Peter Shepherd Carlisle 2124
Thursday 22nd April Dr K Walker Kent 22374
Friday 23rd April Mr M Fawkes Carlisle 2857

£10.00 Prizes

Fiona Mitchell Halton Lea Gate 22140
Mrs L Reid Langholm 1002
Richard Reid Lazonby 3335
W Winder Cockermouth 3450
Katrina Abbott Houghton 22487

£5.00 Prizes

J Oliver Carlisle 4327
Mr D Hodgson Workington 23548
Colin Findlay Haltwhistle 23379
Lillian Barker Cockermouth 3442
Mrs D Jameson Penrith 1029
Bruce Chalmers Penrith 22132
Peter Beaumont Millom 2708
Mrs P Kidd Carlisle 23035
Alan Steel Cumwhinton 4433
Brian Robinson Keswick 23245


N3358 Not won. Next weeks prize £825

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