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Blues Lotto results 26/03/2021

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 27th March Ann Hodgson Rockcliffe 3904
Sunday 28th March Mrs C Scott Carlisle 4961
Monday 29th March Joe Little Dalston 23273
Tuesday 30th March Mr G Ismay Wigton 23804
Wednesday 31st March Mrs J Smith Wigton 22531
Thursday 1st April C Monaghan Maryport 3267
Friday 2nd April Miss Y Harvey Carlisle 4959

£10.00 Prizes

John Scott Penrith 2327
D Osgood Carlisle 507
Mrs M Henderson Silloth 22857
Mrs D Fryer Carlisle 23631
Mrs V Sinclair Lochmaben 22743

£5.00 Prizes

Mr R Borrowdale Shap 23169
Nigel Dickinson Houghton 2840
Mrs E Lawson Dalston 23320
John Bragg Wigton 22323
Mrs M Oxley Carlisle 23680
Gary Wilson Carlisle 5854
Mr S Jackson Carlisle 23530
Paul Herbert Carlisle 5879
Mrs J Allen Carlisle 23071
Mrs J Idle Shap 23441


T5185 Not won. Next weeks prize £750

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