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Blues Lotto results 22/01/2021

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 23rd January G Little Abbeytown 1494
Sunday 24th January Mrs M McLeish Longtown 607
Monday 25th January Mr P Cross Whitehaven 22059
Tuesday 26th January Joe Gordon Carlisle 1469
Wednesday 27th January Mrs L Kerry Shap 23016
Thursday 28th January Sheila Jessiman Scotby 4009
Friday 29th January Irene Steel Carlisle 4241

£10.00 Prizes

Mr D Coates Keswick 23853
Mr DS Atkinson Seascale 1437
Mrs K Veitch Carlisle 22084
Mr D Blair Carlisle 22472
Mr C Postlethwaite Kendal 2535

£5.00 Prizes

Sarah Waite Abbeytown 4608
John Jack Carlisle 22286
Mr H Hill Carlisle 22541
James Peet Winskill 22148
Michaelah Telfer Carlisle 2746
Mr R Frith Carlisle 22772
Mrs D Harris Carlisle 23135
Jeff Aitken Carlisle 690
Mrs M Robinson Carlisle 4239
Wendy Robson Canonbie 3557

Rollover Winner

M3740 Not won. Next weeks prize £525