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Blues Lotto results 08/01/2021

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 9th January Mrs M Richardson Carlisle 4612
Sunday 10th January Mr R Harrison Wigton 144
Monday 11th January Heather Thomson Carlisle 168
Tuesday 12th January Christine Van Nuil Carlisle 1800
Wednesday 13th January Mrs J Gale Carlisle 23181
Thursday 14th January Mrs M Lawson Carlisle 1986
Friday 15th January Malcolm McCleary Longtown 23954

£10.00 Prizes

Mrs J Duncan Carlisle 2628
Mrs J Power Carlisle 22901
Mrs P Eaton Armathwaite 23513
Mrs M Ewbank Carlisle 450
Gary Robinson Brough 2322

£5.00 Prizes

Mrs J Sheppard Lazonby 2803
Gillian Clubbs Irthington 2876
Noble Elsner Carlisle 2021
Mr J Proctor Carlisle 23713
Michael Collins Carlisle 23694
Anne Coulthard Carlisle 23006
Clare Palmer Carlisle 5062
John Steel Carlisle 22288
Mrs M Matthews Carlisle 23289
David Bell Linstock 2860

Rollover Winner

G4186 Not won. Next weeks prize £475