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Blues Lotto results 18/12/2020

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 19th December Emma Louise Salt Carlisle 22870
Sunday 20th December Mrs D Burrows Keswick 1729
Monday 21st December Norman Pitts Cockermouth 3602
Tuesday 22nd December Peter Little Carlisle 2308
Wednesday 23rd December Mr S Davies Keswick 23597
Thursday 24th December Mrs B Nightingale Whitehaven 2673
Friday 25th December Mr A Leek Lazonby 2797

£10.00 Prizes

Andrew Watson Carlisle 3379
Miss C Storey Carlisle 127
Lauren Phillips Carlisle 16723
S Horner Carlisle 22449
John Bragg Wigton 22323

£5.00 Prizes

RA Crofts Carlisle 2338
Mrs P Monks Carlisle 23397
Mrs L Fiddler Carlisle 786
Rebecca Digirolamo Hexham 22616
Mrs A Townsend Longtown 23442
Irene Brown Silloth 22042
Mrs K O’Connor Whitehaven 457
Elaine Smith Carlisle 2133
Mr J Ritchie Langholm 23685
Matthew Spooner Carlisle 23130

Rollover Winner

N0076 Not won. Next weeks prize £400