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Blues Lotto results 04/12/2020

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 5th December Tim Wordsworth Carlisle 5521
Sunday 6th December Michael Barnes Scotby 22125
Monday 7th December Mr T Mitchell Houghton 1015
Tuesday 8th December PM Johnstone Maryport 3276
Wednesday 9th December Mrs L Smith Dalston 641
Thursday 10th December Linda Thompson Carlisle 4191
Friday 11th December Hugh Austen Surrey 22765

£10.00 Prizes

Stanley Peel Whitehaven 2211
Paul Fleet Keswick 1450
Christopher Pavey Middlesex 22346
Bernard Hinsley Carlisle 5703
Miss C Frontini Cockermouth 22980

£5.00 Prizes

Mike Park Carlisle 23412
Martin Currie Carlisle 3036
Mrs E Young Bellingham 2177
John Smallwood Wigton 22568
Duncan Lowis Glassonby 185
Robin McCormick Carlisle 1449
Robert Hope Whitehaven 22243
Carol Carr Carlisle 1280
William Douthwaite Carlisle 22577
M Gillgrass Carlisle 1389

Rollover Winner

P6722 Not won. Next weeks prize £350