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Blues Lotto results 27/11/2020

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 28th November Mrs C Longman Fletchertown 902
Sunday 29th November Mrs I Smallwood Carlisle 3355
Monday 30th November Peter Shepherd Carlisle 2124
Tuesday 1st December Mrs K Lynch Armathwaite 1778
Wednesday 2nd December Gary Graham Carlisle 201
Thursday 3rd Decemmber Mrs S Osbourne Wigton 22494
Friday 4th December Mrs M Ewbank Carlisle 450

£10.00 Prizes

Iain MacLachlan Derby 22652
Michelle Walker Carlisle 2401
P Bell Carlisle 4930
Mrs E Burgess Milton 845
C Scott – Baccleuh Carlisle 1518

£5.00 Prizes

David Harrison Carlisle 22200
Mr MP Keeler Maryport 28
Peter Mitchinson Haltwhistle 22393
Paul Hewitt Carlisle 2326
Susan Grainger Carlisle 729
C Glass Annan 5275
Peter Walker Carlisle 2951
Mrs M Osbourne Carlisle 5719
Mrs C Nicholson Haltwhistle 23478
Mr A Little Ecclefechan 1120

Rollover Winner

H2292 Not won . Next weeks prize £325