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Blues Lotto results 30/10/2020

£1,000.00 Bonus Draw

George Brodie Brampton 5554

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 31st October Barbara Askew Appleby 4587
Sunday 1st November Mrs A Kay Penrith 219
Monday 2nd November Barry Harrington Carlisle 22137
Tuesday 3rd November Mr E Kosturczak Longtown 1710
Wednesday 4th November Aimee Armstrong Carlisle 5784
Thursday 5th November Martyn Vevers Carlisle 22387
Friday 6th November John Steel Carlisle 151

£10.00 Prizes

Simon Campbell Houghton 3058
Mr J Lucock Carlisle 4124
A McCulloch Carlisle 673
Mrs A Dixon Haltwhistle 22952
G Walker Carlisle 5028

£5.00 Prizes

Mr M Moscrop Longtown 22145
Ruth Warnock Carlisle 3248
Keren Steadman Brough 23462
Irene Savage Carlisle 22301
Anne Blythe Wigton 1685
Mr J Smith Carlisle 22202
Steven Cullen Carlisle 23737
Miss DA Dodd Penrith 4824
Alexander Watson Carlisle 2661
Mrs M strange Penrith 347


O9812 Not won Next weeks prize £1675