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Blues Lotto results 09/10/2020

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 10th September Mrs D Reynolds Brampton 5927
Sunday 11th September Gary Nugent Carlisle 1883
Monday 12th September Mr G Caine Carlisle 23161
Tuesday 13th September Christopher Pavey Middlesex 22346
Wednesday 14th September Mrs G Hodgson Penrith 22508
Thursday 15th September Pauline Graham Carlisle 23526
Friday 16th September T Cairns Gretna 2981

£10.00 Prizes

Mrs Burgess Carlisle 2601
Geoffrey Irving Longtown 22100
Michelle Hall Penrith 64
Matthew Jefferson Brampton 22563
Mrs E Norman Longtown 23632

£5.00 Prizes

Chris Hoban Carlisle 1169
Mr D Bolam Carlisle 16749
Miss N Snowden Carlisle 524
David King Carlisle 22351
Mrs J Todd Carlisle 23219
Mrs J Sowerby Penrith 748
Mr R Holmes Kirkby Stephen 461
Sue Cruddace Carlisle 1316
Marlene Donald Aspatria 5078
Mrs L McGuigan Longtown 1070


Y6889 Not won. Next weeks prize £1600