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Blues Lotto results 02/10/2020

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 3rd October Mr W Fryer Alston 512
Sunday 4th October Anthea Pickthall Carlisle 2839
Monday 5th October Mr M Wise Carlisle 1554
Tuesday 6th October David Graham Carlisle 4340
Wednesday 7th October Myra Armstrong 5688
Thursday 8th October WG Stewart Brampton 5869
Friday 9th October Terry Teasdale Alston 22236

£10.00 Prizes

Mr G Cowen Wigton 5018
Mr D Barker Langholm 23681
Simon Clarkson Scotby 22003
Mrs E Barton Prospect 22966
Mike Ewins Birmingham 22284

£5.00 Prizes

D Sim Silloth 1605
Muriel Kemp Tarraby 2193
Garry Phillips Roadhead 23401
Craig Williamson Houghton 1382
B Bewley Carlisle 1291
Mr I Graham Cumwhinton 23340
Mr J Bell Brampton 5756
Miss L Phillips Carlisle 16723
Pamela Irving Dundee 3718
Arthur Dugdale Wigton 22228


H7800 Not won. Next weeks prize £1575