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Blues Lotto results 04/09/2020

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 5th September AJ Milburn Carlisle 2352
Sunday 6th September A Swindells Carlisle 1522
Monday 7th September Steve Ward Carlisle 875
Tuesday 8th September Tom Brown Silloth 485
Wednesday 9th September Derek Steel Brampton 22689
Thursday 10th September John Bowman Hampshire 22766
Friday 11th September Mr D Hazel Graham Silloth 231

£10.00 Prizes

John Rogers Penrith 493
Mr I Graham Longtown 22790
S Graves Carlisle 1441
Mr AJ Patterson Lockerbie 22533
Mr A Stewart Cargo 23300

£5.00 Prizes

Miss L Baxter Carlisle 27
Chris Winspear Low Hesket 3354
Mr L Hope Carlisle 22122
Mr D Irving Oulton 23832
Mrs J Sheppard Lazonby 2803
Mrs A Stephenson Warwick Bridge 23568
Mr C Kerr Silloth 23081
Mrs G Willmott Carlisle 2829
Joan Ray Silloth 1626
Jeff Doran Carlisle 2016


A2420 Not won. Next weeks prize £1475