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Blues Lotto results 07/08/2020

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 8th August Don Reay Eaglesfield 22274
Sunday 9th August Sam McCormick Carlisle 3398
Monday 10th August Mrs H Davis Keswick 1708
Tuesday 11th August Mrs J Todd Carlisle 23219
Wednesday 12th August Mrs L James Warwick Bridge 343
Thursday 13th August David Moore Egremont 22555
Friday 14th August Mr A Robinson Thursby 1583

£10.00 Prizes

David Beattie Cumwhinton 22235
Mr G Fox Longtown 22924
David Lowthian Carlisle 22050
Stewart Simpson Carlisle 22783
Thomas Harrington Carlisle 4512

£5.00 Prizes

Mark Chambers Carlisle 1256
Jude Smart Carlisle 620
Gordon Powley Carlisle 11
Mr D Bolam Carlisle 16749
June Anderson Silloth 4309
Myra Postlethwaite Carlisle 22734
A Swindells Carlisle 1519
Harold Bowron Carlisle 22211
E Neil Marshall Abbeytown 22172
T Carney Carlisle 22256


R2271 Not won. Next weeks prize £1375