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Blues Lotto results 31/07/2020

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 1st August Mr A Newton Carlisle 22629
Sunday 2nd August Mr B Ross Carlisle 968
Monday 3rd August Robert Hope Whitehaven 22243
Tuesday 4th August Simon Bousfield Kirkby Stephen 244
Wednesday 5th August Mrs M Johnstone Carlisle 2560
Thursday 6th August Martyn Vevers Carlisle 22387
Friday 7th August Katrina Evans Carlisle 3773

£10.00 Prizes

Mrs D Mattinson Wigton 4994
Gordon Moffat Wigton 1926
C Ostle Cockermouth 233
Mr D Armstrong Longtown 1052
Mr M Gasgarth Appleby 4391

£5.00 Prizes

Marie Ferguson Brampton 3599
Paul Graves Carlisle 2621
B Lapping Carlisle 1292
Allan Egglestone Carlisle 22124
Christopher Rivett Eaglesfield 22188
Mr M Garrity Whitehaven 2690
Mr J Pattinson Carlisle 23755
Annie Barlow Rockcliffe 1444
Mr KW Twentyman Penrith 4047
Pauline Grainger Carlisle 104


P9871 Not won. Next weeks prize £1350