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Blues Lotto results 17/07/2020

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 18th July Mr M Walker Carlisle 22976
Sunday 19th July Janette Purdham Low Hesket 163
Monday 20th July Mrs J Wilcock Carlisle 787
Tuesday 21st July Robert Hinson Brampton 22596
Wednesday 22nd July R Stephenson Appleby 3121
Thursday 23rd July Ian Black Maryport 22947
Friday 24th July Leigh Morgan Hexham 22021

£10.00 Prizes

Mrs S Mounsey Penrith 1077
Helen Haley Carlisle 1820
Ian Hoyle Cotehill 23396
Mr AJ Patterson Lockerbie 359
Isabel Clark Gretna 1097

£5.00 Prizes

William Nigel Eve Carlisle 4462
Mr P Ruddick Carlisle 23482
T Cairns Gretna 2981
Helen Ruddick Carlisle 3726
K Blair Carlisle 22246
D Hodgson Rockcliffe 4666
Norman Pitts Cockermouth 3602
Sarah Horseman Carlisle 1406
Mr B Pattinson Wigton 23956
Sheila Jessiman Scotby 4009


O6341 Not won. Next weeks prize £1300