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Blues Lotto results 20/03/2020

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 21st March Tony Box Carlisle 24000
Sunday 22nd March Mr R Berwick Aspatria 1324
Monday 23rd March Tony Richardson Carlisle 4534
Tuesday 24th March Mrs K Coulthard Wigton 945
Wednesday 25th March Mr K Kirkby Carlisle 2261
Thursday 26th March Mr D Sowerby Appleby 22360
Friday 27th March Mrs M Oxley Carlisle 23680

£10.00 Prizes

Joanne Wealleans Preston 22315
Mrs M Forster Carlisle 4928
Moira Holden Aspatria 5350
Pat Wood Carlisle 22278
John Welton Carlisle 22945

£5.00 Prizes

Lindsey Birney Hexham 22134
John Nixon Carlisle 22001
Mrs C Warwick Longtown 23543
Gillian Crayston Egremont 22107
John Parkinson Carlisle 3626
John Bragg Wigton 22323
Joanne Wealleans Preston 22315
M Moran Carlisle 2838
Mrs M Pearson Carlisle 4931
Andy Park Scotby 23845


P2228 Not won. Next weeks prize £1250