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Blues Lotto results 28/02/2020

£1000 Bonus Draw

Mrs M Graham Blennerhasset 23098

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 29th February E Harrison Carlisle 23304
Sunday 1st March CUSCLB London 2497
Monday 2nd March J Graham Carlisle 1983
Tuesday 3rd March Mrs A Dargue Penrith 22727
Wednesday 4th March Karen Thomson Penton 23943
Thursday 5th March Annie Barlow Rockcliffe 1444

£10.00 Prizes

Mrs S Barnes Carlisle 22940
Mrs M Robinson Carlisle 4239
Steve Kilner Stoke on Trent 22452
Mrs C Kirkpatrick Carlisle 22549
Mr I Osgood Anthorn 22289

£5.00 Prizes

S Johnston Carlisle 688
Mr C Charters Aspatria 1295
Ian Wilson Blencogo 1064
David Hodgson Stainburn 22372
Mrs S Long Brampton 5564
Mr GE Holmes Warwick on Eden 2004
Mrs E Hanking Carlisle 1386
Mrs V Beck Dalston 640
Mr J Young Carlisle 16614
Steven Coyles Carlisle 22083


C1267 Not won. Next weeks prize £1175