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Blues Lotto results 10/01/2020

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 11th January Mrs C Charlton Alston 23262
Sunday 12th January Adam Coward Brampton 5556
Monday 13th January Mrs J Pope Hexham 22033
Tuesday 14th January Mr AJ Patterson Lockerbie 359
Wednesday 15th January Darren Pattinson Carlisle 3076
Thursday 16th January Mr W Grainger Carlisle 23559
Friday 17th January Mr J Osbourne Carlisle 22821

£10.00 Prizes

AJ Milburn Carlisle 2352
Mr A Kindness Annan 2107
Mrs J Kidd Carlisle 23590
Graham Kelly Carlisle 1371
Sheena Harrison Wigton 23786

£5.00 Prizes

Kerry Ingleton Carlisle 3287
Mr G Kirkby Carlisle 23230
Mr D Townsley Keswick 22052
K Milburn Carlisle 2814
Anne Blythe Wigton 1685
Tim Graham Carlisle 827
William Rogerson Carlisle 4827
John Fleming Carlisle 2948
Mrs M Stephenson Cargo 23614
Maureen Scott Kirkby Stephen 793


R5913 not won. Next weeks prize £1000