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Blues Lotto results 20/12/2019

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 21st December Mrs R Bright Carlisle 23453
Sunday 22nd December Ann Stewart Carlisle 2589
Monday 23rd December Moyra Richardson Appleby 740
Tuesday 24th December Mrs M Haney Haydon Bridge 23969
Wednesday 25th December Mrs A Gibson Carlisle 23830
Thursday 26th December Miss G Wilkinson Whitehaven 1048
Friday 27th September Joyce Balmer Appleby 4487

£10.00 Prizes

Mrs M Lawson Carlisle 1986
J Stephenson Carlisle 2150
Mrs I Dixon Whitehaven 2695
Shirley Thompson Dalston 907
Nigel Harper Gretna 23893

£5.00 Prizes

Brian Allen Carlisle 2353
Mrs B Moran Carlisle 642
Mrs M Bragg Silloth 3253
Helen Holiday Eastriggs 3151
Ellen Cairns Carlisle 2077
Mr L Hodgson Carlisle 22669
Ann Stewart Carlisle 2589
Mrs C Bell Carlisle 5662
Mr CJ Carruthers Carlisle 3111
Mr KJ Johnston Carlisle 949


X0304 Not won. Next weeks prize £925