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Blues Lotto results 13/12/2019

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 14th December Carol Sinclair Carlisle 4844
Sunday 15th December Judith James Penrith 22062
Monday 16th December Mrs C Sullivan Carlisle 3356
Tuesday 17th December Mrs F Dodd Kirkby Stephen 755
Wednesday 18th December Mrs W Wilson Carlisle 2090
Thursday 19th December Mrs C Hallgarth Keswick 311
Friday 20th December Mrs Newlands Carlisle 4358

£10.00 Prizes

Eleanor Graham Wigton 1944
Mrs L Taylor Carlisle 23997
Mr J Alcock Burnrigg 509
Mrs K Veitch Carlisle 22084
T Carney Carlisle 22256

£5.00 Prizes

Bruce Chalmers Carlisle 22106
Kevin Hughes Longtown 23895
Michaelah Telfer Carlisle 2745
J Burns Ivegill 22496
J Forsyth Penrith 2311
Mr K Sessford Carlisle 22105
Mr A Bradbury Carlisle 23003
Mrs Wilson Carlisle 3768
WJ Priddle Carlisle 23798
Mrs H Farmer Carlisle 22497


I5973 Not won. Next weeks prize £900