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Blues Lotto results 01/11/2019

£1000 Bonus Draw

Mr G Carruthers Haltwhistle

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 2nd November Mr N Proudfoot Carlisle 23710
Sunday 3rd November Linda Thompson Carlisle 4191
Monday 4th November Mr M Jacques Penrith 1933
Tuesday 5th November Mrs G Peacock Plumpton 22144
Wednesday 6th November Mr D Skinner Carlisle 3285
Thursday 7th November Mr Hesselwood Fletchertown 829
Friday 8th November Eleanor Dewsnap Carlisle 2000

£10.00 Prizes

Fred Dunn Carlisle 23589
Mrs M Miller Keswick 22826
Kevin Kelleher Carlisle 22431
Mr R McMinn Stainton 608
BR Adams Longtown 2180

£5.00 Prizes

Paul Bowman Carlisle 2444
Mrs M Dawes Carlisle 23986
Emma Bell Carlisle 240
S Graves Carlisle 1441
Mr J Henderson Thursby 22339
Mr D Allison Carlisle 23693
Mr B Stevens Haltwhistle 1747
Pamela Irving Dundee 3718
Mrs M Dowell Carlisle 1533
Tom Benson Roweltown 2597


O4295 not won. Next weeks prize £750