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Blues Lotto results 13/09/2019

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 14th September Ian Davidson Corby Hill 22183
Sunday 15th September Mr C Coulthard Carlisle 4165
Monday 16th September Mrs Winder Carlisle 5226
Tuesday 17th September Shirley Thompson Dalston 907
Wednesday 18th September Mrs M Mackie Carlisle 4796
Thursday 19th September Mr CA Raines Carlisle 22552
Friday 20th September Phillip Armstrong Westlinton 569

£10.00 Prizes

Mr A Patefield Penrith 2492
Darryl Coleman Appleby 23794
John Little Wigton 4991
Andrea Dawson Lazonby 1214
Mrs H Peel Longtown 22679

£5.00 Prizes

Mrs M Donnelly Brampton 3413
Mrs J Hodgson Carlisle 22120
Jill Williamson Abbeytown 1627
Claude Jones Carlisle 22492
John Templeton Carlisle 1037
Mrs M Fawcett Brough 2787
Ruth Roy Longtown 802
Katrina Abbott Houghton 4877
Mrs L Fiddler Carlisle 786
Elizabeth Raine Kirkoswald 22637


M2807 Not won. Next weeks prize £550