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Blues Lotto results 30/08/2019

£1000 Bonus Draw

Mr E Kosturczak Longtown 1028

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 31st August Andrew Watson Carlisle 3378
Sunday 1st September Robbie Hogg Langholm 22349
Monday 2nd September Mr J Potts Wigton 22515
Tuesday 3rd September Mrs D Coulthard Houghton 731
Wednesday 4th September Robert Dalziel Wigton 22053
Thurday 5th September Mrs G Hodgson Penrith 22508
Friday 6th September Mrs B Scott Aspatria 22166

£10.00 Prizes

Carl Clark Penrith 4724
Patrick Cody Carlisle 22468
Nigel Carlisle 22653
Mrs M Dawes Carlisle 23986
George Ware Eamont Bridge 2346

£5.00 Prizes

Christine Carlisle 4163
Richard Reid Lazonby 3335
Mr W Archer Maryport 3481
Leslie Haughan Carlisle 4502
Kenny Tiffin Carlisle 4655
Mr A Robinson Carlisle 23073
Mr D Woods Carlisle 2925
Mrs M Scott Carlisle 2630
Bruce Chalmers Carlisle 22106
Betty MacIntosh Carlisle 4464


R1453 Not won. Next weeks prize £525