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Blues Lotto results 23/08/2019

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 24th August Paul Turton Stainton 22469
Sunday 25th August Mrs J Duncan Carlisle 2628
Monday 26th August Helen Gibson Ecclefechan 2762
Tuesday 27th August Katie Armstrong Carlisle 3613
Wednesday 28th August J Hutchinson Wigton 4611
Thursday 29th August Mr C Postlethwaite Kendal 2535
Friday 30th August Mrs S Eilbeck Aspatria 23585

£10.00 Prizes

Mrs D Mattinson Wigton 4994
Dianne MacDonald Linstock 2012
Michael D Crook Carlisle 22855
John Rae Carlisle 22551
Mr M Wearing Brampton 5507

£5.00 Prizes

G Little Abbeytown 1494
Mr A Savage Houghton 23454
Richard Stainforth Carlisle 4595
David Ritchie Carlisle 927
Mr Blaikie Gretna 23061
Shirley Wield Carlisle 2836
Mr WG Stewart Brampton 23123
Jan Dobson Wigton 849
Mr R Dugdale Carlisle 1484
Mrs Robinson Houghton 3063


G4283 not won. Next weeks prize £500