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Blues Lotto results 16/08/2019

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 17th August Mrs L Vevers Gretna 1882
Sunday 18th August Mr D Noble Appleby 437
Monday 19th August Colin Stringfellow Carlisle 495
Tuesday 20th August Mr I Routeledge Aspatria 1869
Wednesday 21st August Lavinia Bremner Cockermouth 23722
Thursday 22nd August Miss DA Dodd Penrith 4824
Friday 23rd August Mrs M Robinson Carlisle 4239

£10.00 Prizes

Mr W Bryer Kirkby Thore 23511
Mrs C Bell Carlisle 5662
Elaine Gibson Cockermouth 23373
Mrs D Hoyle Penrith 22259
David Dagnall Norwich 160

£5.00 Prizes

Helen Moore Sandsfield Park 2741
Brenda Young Lockerbie 1633
Dawn Pollock Penrith 22526
Shaun O'Neil Carlisle 2233
Paul Graham Wigton 4989
Colin Carruthers Wigton 1243
Mr F Pattinson Thursby 22430
B Chalmers Carlisle 23059
Sarah Waite Abbeytown 4608
John Mavis Thursby 1023


T2425 not won. Next weeks prize £475