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Blues Lotto results 02/08/2019

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 3rd August Emily Blackett Carlisle 5685
Sunday 4th August Mrs G Hodgson Brampton 5541
Monday 5th August Janice Humphreys Carlisle 429
Tuesday 6th August Mrs M Garrity Whitehaven 2689
Wednesday 7th August Mrs C Windsor Carlisle 23588
Thursday 8th August Mrs Robinson Houghton 3063
Friday 9th August William Hardisty Appleby 2214

£10.00 Prizes

Tracey Morland Penrith 2347
Richard Stainforth Carlisle 4595
Miss M Blair Carlisle 23235
Mrs D Jameson Penrith 1029
Mr A Monkhouse Carlisle 22724

£5.00 Prizes

Mr R Nelson Whitehaven 1030
Alex McGeorge Carlisle 22032
George Nixon Carlisle 1661
Mrs V Rees Carlisle 1862
Mr C Ogle Carlisle 22264
Mrs M Pennington Carlisle 5744
Mrs K Lynch Armathwaite 1778
Mrs S Steed Penrith 22460
Adele Tyers Carlisle 4926
Mr G Evans Maryport 3268


L3396 Not won. Next weeks prize £425