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Blues Lotto results 19/07/2019

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 20th July Mr A Warwick Longtown 23343
Sunday 21st July Peter Wall Carlisle 4126
Monday 22nd July Mrs C Sowerby North Dykes 23906
Tuesday 23rd July Alex Anderson Carlisle 1385
Wednesday 24th July Gary McCullock Culgaith 22914
Thursday 25th July Mrs B Skirvanos Hexham 1636
Friday 26th July Mr L Luck Penrith 23458

£10.00 Prizes

Margery Simpson Carlisle 2546
Mr D Blair Carlisle 22472
Mrs S Hope Carlisle 234
June Gribbon Carlisle 22260
Duncan Lowis Glassonby 185

£5.00 Prizes

Alison Hodgkison Longtown 4632
Mr P Carney Carlisle 1051
E Watson Carlisle 4740
Peter Walker Carlisle 2951
Mrs M Martin Carlisle 1463
RE Willmott Carlisle 3098
Barry Johnstone Wigton 22534
Mrs M Wylie Longtown 23084
Brenda Graham Carlisle 967
Mr DL Easterbrook Wigton 411


N1703 Not won. Next weeks prize £375