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Blues Lotto results 07/06/2019

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 8th June Mrs A Watters Wigton 3692
Sunday 9th June Mrs H Dobson Wigton 23425
Monday 10th June Mr I Todd Hexham 1643
Tuesday 11th June Mr A Armstrong Penrith 23574
Wednesday 12th June A Wilson Gretna 20
Thursday 13th June Ian Jones Carlisle 22758
Friday 14th June Mrs M Mancz Keswick 23356

£10.00 Prizes

D Osgood Carlisle 507
Barbara Rickerby Carlisle 5699
Brian Pickering Carlisle 22176
Janet Bethel Wigton 23708
Mrs G Willmott Carlisle 2829

£5.00 Prizes

Mrs G Howe Haltwhistle 1328
Mrs J Kight-Green Rowrah 23953
Mr C Noble Lazonby 23904
David Drinkald Carlisle 4622
Mrs A Hagan Alston 22327
Jan Dobson Wigton 849
Mrs H Davis Keswick 1712
Brenda Kemp Houghton 2842
Lindsey Birney Hexham 22134
Catherine Wills Carlisle 3918


J3279 Not won. Next weeks prize £2325