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Blues Lotto results 01/03/2019

£1000 Bobus Draw

Mr P Clark Carlisle 22119

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 2nd March Mr J Dixon Carlisle 23891
Sunday 3rd March Mrs B Kenny Annan 262
Monday 4th March George Cannon Carlisle 1580
Tuesday 5th March A Hoodless Silloth 1268
Wednesday 6th March Mrs D Pearson Carlisle 3075
Thursday 7th March Mr G Caine Carlisle 23161
Friday 8th March Mrs C Barton Wigton 23471

£10.00 Prizes

William Eve Carlisle 4462
Mrs S Knight Carlisle 1539
T Irvine Carlisle 1938
Mrs H Mitchell Brampton 23575
Mr T Ruddick Carlisle 4717

£5.00 Prizes

Malcolm Richardson Brampton 4563
James Peet Winskill 22148
Tom Benson Roweltown 2597
Ryan Dollard Brampton 22262
Mr DL Easterbrook Blencogo 411
Hope Little Penrith 2309
Jane Urwin Carlisle 5171
Jim Wright Carlisle 22066
Mrs A Scott Carlisle 22659
Steven Coyles Carlisle 1988


V6555 Not won. Next weeks prize £1975