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Blues Lotto results 22/02/2019

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 23rd February Mrs L Robertson Carlisle 23661
Sunday 24th February Noble Elsner Carlisle 2020
Monday 25th February Adrian Bell Carlisle 1119
Tuesday 26th February Mr C Noble Lazonby 23904
Wednesday 27th February Michael King Carlisle 22632
Thursday 28th February Bobby Morton Wigton 4999
Friday 1st March K Gray Carlisle 22397

£10.00 Prizes

Noble Elsner Carlisle 2018
Benn Sanderson Birmingham 4880
Louisa Van Lierop Carlisle 1218
Geoffrey Blaylock Carlisle 619
Mrs S Delaney Hesket Newmarket 684

£5.00 Prizes

Andrew Watson Carlisle 3378
Mr D McDonald Carlisle 22946
Mrs K Thomlinson Carlisle 229
Colin Williams Carlisle 5130
Joan Whitehead Shap 2202
Bethany Orr Brampton 139
John Ridley Scotby 22412
Martin Robson Harelaw 22647
Mr S Brown Haydon Bridge 23543
Mr D Craik Gretna 23809


T6612 Not won. Next weeks prize £1950