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Blues Lotto results 15/02/2019

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 16th February Mr F Pattinson Thursby 22430
Sunday 17th February Mr W Douthwaite Carlisle 1436
Monday 18th February Mrs J Gaughan Haltwhistle 1381
Tuesday 19th February Lynn Ivinson Appleby 2503
Wednesday 20th February Steve Carney Carlisle 2438
Thursday 21st February Stephen Woods Brampton 5343
Friday 22nd February Craig Hill Carlisle 2422

£10.00 Prizes

Mr N Barber Haltwhistle 23754
Peter Koelle Carlisle 2167
Mr B Sixsmith Carlisle 23404
Mrs E Bulman Carlisle 1935
Steve Appleton Carlisle 5388

£5.00 Prizes

Mrs F Foster Carlisle 5682
Mr L Barbaris Carlisle 2172
Mr D Banks Lochmaben 23789
Thomas Heenan Carlisle 22023
Mr S Carney Carlisle 23403
Steve Ward Carlisle 875
Mrs S Mitchell Cargo 22832
Mrs K Thomlinson Carlisle 4731
Anthony Caddy St Bees Carlisle 22752
S Kidd Carlisle 2286


H8491 Not won. Next weeks prize £1925