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Blues Lotto results 01/02/2019

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 2nd February Mrs J Dempsey Carlisle 23775
Sunday 3rd February Mrs A Smith Whitehaven 22113
Monday 4th February Mr J Laidlow Cockermouth 22965
Tuesday 5th February Reg Graham Wigton 1589
Wednesday 6th February Catherine Fisher Aglionby 1991
Thursday 7th February Eleanor Graham Wigton 1944
Friday 8th February Mr A Baldwick Houghton 22517

£10.00 Prizes

Kevin Glover Carlisle 3900
Margaret Hickman Wigton 4990
Mrs B Moran Carlisle 642
Mr H Elliott Threlkeld 23494
Mr G Lowe Carlisle 921

£5.00 Prizes

Martin Currie Carlisle 3036
Mrs Robinson Houghton 3063
Mrs A Wills Houghton 4166
Joe Mayne Maryport 3264
Miss C Storey Carlisle 127
Pat Surgeon Carlisle 22310
Mrs D Clark Makepeace 22867
Mark Lancaster Appleby 1782
Mrs M Collin Carlisle 23252
Mrs L Little Haltwhistle 23393


R6857 Not won. Next weeks prize £1900