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Blues Lotto results 14/12/2018

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 15th December Mrs L Hargraves Carlisle 23492
Sunday 16th December Mr Sweeney Carlisle 3004
Monday 17th December Linda Taylor Carlisle 3846
Tuesday 18th December Richard Shipley Oxfordshire 87
Wednesday 19th December D Armstrong Stockport 23295
Thursday 20th December Mr A Clark Carlisle 4970
Friday 21st December Malcolm Cowin Brough 3760

£10.00 Prizes

Martin Currie Carlisle 3036
Mr R Graham Abbeytown 1102
Darren Pattinson Carlisle 3076
Mr H Hughes Carlisle 4950
Mr S Perryman Cummersdale 23355

£5.00 Prizes

Lee McGarvie Carlisle 2548
Mrs J Potter Penrith 23529
Jeff Box Carlisle 1515
David Atkinson Seascale 22585
Mr G Curnow Frizington 23248
Mr J Leppard Penrith 1411
Ian Sugden Carlisle 393
Linda McCracken Wigton 4977
Paul Lace Beckermet 140
Bridget McGeehan Carlisle 4128


O9528 Not won. Next weeks prize £1725