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Blues Lotto results 19/10/2018

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 20th October Darryl Coleman Appleby 23794
Sunday 21st October Mr D Rothery Whitehaven 23370
Monday 22nd October Bruce Vander Surrey 22414
Tuesday 23rd October Mrs C Clark Penrith 665
Wednesday 24th October Mr RS Watson Millom 580
Thursday 25th October Mrs S Fawcett Kirkoswald 555
Friday 26th October David Bowman Wigton 1045

£10.00 Prizes

Margery Schwenke Carlisle 3149
Mr O Hagan Eastriggs 23234
A Johnston Carlisle 22889
I Harper Carlisle 1155
Mrs EC Docker Carlisle 29504

£5.00 Prizes

Gordon Moffat Wigton 1926
Mr J MacCall Carlisle 305
Peter McKie Carlisle 23616
John Bowman Bedford 22766
Mr AK Foreman Edinburgh 1452
CD Stamper Carlisle 3327
Mr E Loan Keswick 1716
Mrs D Young Carlisle 1293
Tracey Donohue Carlisle 4238
G Graham Carlisle 22956


O9681 Not won. Next weeks prize £1525