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Blues Lotto results 07/09/2018

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 8th September Mr J Millward Ecclefechan 22481
Sunday 9th September Mrs D Mattinson Wigton 4994
Monday 10th September Irene Steel Carlisle 4241
Tuesday 11th September Philip Anderson Carlisle 2865
Wednesday 12th September Alan Duffy Carlisle 2348
Thursday 13th September Alan Carl Blinco Whitehaven 22657
Friday 14th September Neil McDermott Carlisle 504

£10.00 Prizes

Andrew Hetherington Penrith 1320
Ian Salt Carlisle 556
Creighton / McGinn Carlisle 23621
Mr D Hazel Graham Silloth 231
Mrs F Carruthers Ecclefechan 1530

£5.00 Prizes

Stephen Beattie Cotehill 2101
Martin & Elliot Wetheral 2216
Mrs A Gibson Carlisle 23830
Ryan Atkin Gretna 1889
Miss C Brown Bellingham 22453
Mrs S Wilson Wigton 22967
Mr F Pattinson Thursby 22430
Alan Armstrong Wigton 4795
Mrs T Taylor Gretna 22546
Aimee Armstrong Carlisle 5784


R2692 Not one. Next weeks prize £1375