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Blues Lotto results 10/08/2018

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 11th August J Graham Carlisle 1983
Sunday 12th August Mrs Myers Carlisle 4960
Monday 13th August Mrs K Thomlinson 228
Tuesday 14th August Keith Nicholson 22674
Wednesday 15th August David Graham Carlisle 4340
Thursday 16th August Mr G Abbott Keswick 23578
Friday 17th August Mary Story Longtown 823

£10.00 Prizes

Kenny Tiffin Carlisle 4655
Paul Graham Wigton 4988
Mr D Finnigan Carlisle 23076
Miss A Watson Carlisle 23460
Mrs J Duncan Carlisle 2628

£5.00 Prizes

Linda Lewis Brampton 5762
Mr G Cowen Wigton 5018
June Anderson Silloth 4442
Robert Burton Kirkby Thore 22856
Mrs J Barnes Carlisle 22199
Mrs N Butterworth Penrith 23717
Andrew Gordon Penrith 22993
M Quigley Cockermouth 3484
Steve Carney Carlisle 2438
Mrs S Brooks Sedbergh 22167


L6242 Not Won. Next weeks prize £1300