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Blues Lotto results 03/08/2018

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 4th August Mrs Clark Carlisle 23966
Sunday 5th August Carole Scollins Aspatria 3711
Monday 6th August Christine Beattie Gretna 22803
Tuesday 7th August Philomena Pickering Carlisle 22619
Wednesday 8th August Mr L Scott Whitehaven 1054
Thursday 9th August Mr C Dixon Haltwhistle 23751
Friday 10th August John Cameron Lytham St Annes 3

£10.00 Prizes

Ruth Warnock Carlisle 3248
Derek Little Carlisle 22606
Audrey Sheppard Lockerbie 2972
Brenda Thompson Kirkby Thore 22685
Christine Gardner Carlisle 600

£5.00 Prizes

Mrs L McSepheney Ecclefechan 443
Mrs S Nattrass Carlisle 1932
Eddie Crawford Carlisle 778
Headquarterz Carlisle 5967
Mrs J Mounsey Great Salkeld 23812
Mr D Skinner Carlisle 3285
Barbara Robinson Carlisle 1902
Mrs C Beckett Carlisle 4684
Mr A Burgess Warcop 23201
Mr P Thompson Carlisle 3320


O1187 Not won. Next weeks prize £1275