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Blues Lotto results 27/07/2018

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 28th July Mr A Jackson Penrith 22933
Sunday 29th July Kenny Morris Cannonbie 789
Monday 30th July Bryan Ballantyne Wigton 22480
Tuesday 31st July Jim Carrigan Scotby 2670
Wednesday 1st August Ian Bone Lincoln 22634
Thursday 2nd August Mrs B Peel Whitehaven 2211
Friday 3rd August Mr L Hope Carlisle 22122

£10.00 Prizes

Grace Watson Carlisle 22477
Thomas Harrington Carlisle 4512
Gordon Lightfoot Carlisle 2447
Olive Carlisle 2220
Mr P Scott Carlisle 22459

£5.00 Prizes

Gordon Lightfoot Carlisle 2447
Mrs H Arnold Carlisle 5242
Alan Duffy Carlisle 2348
Mrs WM Butler Carlisle 4281
George Ismay Wigton 22762
Mr C Ogle Carlisle 22264
WD Nugent Carlisle 1534
Mrs E Irving Eaglesfield 482
Mrs A Bowman Cumwhinton 23500
Tukasz Pietrzyk Carlisle 2049


I0924 Not won. Next weeks prize £1250