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Blues Lotto results 06/07/2018

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 7th July John Mavis Thursby 22361
Sunday 8th July Mrs J Todd Carlisle 23219
Monday 9th July Mr M Story Carlisle 22478
Tuesday 10th July Kathryn Wright Carlisle 860
Wednesday 11th July Mrs E Spedding Carlisle 1430
Thursday 12th July J Hutchinson Abbeytown 4611
Friday 13th July Mr D Rothery Whitehaven 23370

£10.00 Prizes

Philip Anderson Dalston 2865
David Mallinson Carlisle 5453
Joanne Collins Carlisle 2764
Jane Rutherford Carlisle 2877
Dr GW Stitt Carlisle 3210

£5.00 Prizes

Mrs SE Nixon Carlisle 1622
J Allan Appleby 4252
G Cully Carlisle 23034
Simon Clarkson Scotby 22003
Mrs W Colclough Penrith 23417
Gary Graham Carlisle 201
William B Hardisty Appleby 2214
Dr GW Stitt Carlisle 3210
J Barker Appleby 769
Mrs D Halliday Carlisle 23484


G7668 Not won. Next weeks prize £1175