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Blues Lotto results 04/05/2018

£1,000 Bonus Draw

I Davidson Carlisle 5850

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 5th May - Barry McNeill Penrith 4724
Sunday 6th May - Mr J Osbourne Carlisle 22821
Monday 7th May - Mrs A Hodge Lochmaben 23387
Tuesday 8th May - Mrs I Kindness Annan 2109
Wednesday 9th May - Dr K Walker Kent 22374
Thursday 10th May - Mrs J Watt Lazonby 2796
Friday 11th May - Mrs L Yates Gretna 22011

£10.00 Prizes

Mr D Woods Carlisle 2925
Arthur Graham Carlisle 1199
A Swidells Carlisle 1522
Miss DA Dodd Penrith 4824
Mrs EC Docker Carlisle 2950

£5.00 Prizes

Maurice Davidson Haltwhistle 3095
Mrs K Neale Carlisle 22097
Stanley Underwood Carlisle 2511
Mr W Mellon Appleby 23738
Mrs G Hunter Wigton 22796
Mr Beattie Kirklinton 2472
Neville Johnstone Scotby 23844
Kevin Gillespie Skipton 23159
Mr R Wadhams Brampton 2358
Mr D Coates Keswick 23853


N9979 Not won.Next weeks prize £950